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13 Game-Changing Modern Toners That Won’t Dry Out Skin


At the very bare-bones minimum, our skin care routines consist of three steps: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. We may not always have time for double cleansing, essences, sheet masks and serums, but we try to (almost) always use the previously mentioned three core steps.

Even though we consider toners to be an essential part of a skin care routine, they still have a not-so-great reputation. We cannot help but think back to the days of astringents with drying, alcohol-based formulas that would strip skin of good stuff while “cleansing.” It’s time to banish those thoughts once and for all because today’s toners are miles from their predecessors.

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The latest versions ensure every last bit of grime and makeup is gone without stripping all the moisture from skin. Additionally, modern toners prep faces for the next skin care step(s). So don’t settle for a toner that doesn’t do skin good. Ahead, shop the nourishing toners that cleanse and balance without any face-cracking tightness.

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