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Saturday Surfing, March 3rd, 2018


Good morning, gorgeous! The birthday lasagna is in the oven, and I’m about to pick up Connor’s cake for her birthday party. (I’ll post a picture. It’s a three-layer lemon cake with pink ombre rosettes going up the sides!) As usual, I’m running around at the last minute, so I’m going to keep my makeup simple. Maybe something with the MAC Padma Lakshmi collection.

Before I go do some quick tornado blending (you gotta do what you gotta do!), here are some stories that caught my bronzed eye this week.

  • Wow, it looks like this is finally gonna happen. Cosmetics and personal-care products are about to come under federal regulatory scrutiny after 80 years. There’s a tentative agreement on a proposal that would require companies to register with the FDA (right now companies don’t even have to register at all) and require the FDA to evaluate a number of ingredients for safety.

    Currently, the FDA doesn’t require manufacturers of products like shampoo, deodorant, lipstick or eye makeup to report safety problems. That’s right! Any ol’ Joe Shmoe could add shoe polish or bird poop to your eyeshadow, and it would be totally “legal.”

  • Lipstick in powder form is a thing, and all I have to say is, who thought this would be a good idea…?

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